The Inside STEM video series showcases STEM education pathways available for students across Texas.

Inside STEM: Rocketry

Watch as Akins HS students develop skills in problem solving, critical thinking and cognitive reasoning through engaging with aerospace.

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STEM Endorsement Model: SystemsGo

Mission Statement
“To enhance education for better workforce development; and to ignite tomorrow’s innovators while developing the most valued engineering and manufacturing workforce to compete in the global market.”

Program Intent
Improve education in America by inspiring students, teachers, and administrators within the present educational system. Motivate and equip high school students to develop 21st Century skills and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Program Description
A four-year, sequenced, STEM curricula that meets Career and Tech Ed (CTE) course TEKS and HB-5 requirements and receives CTE funding. Curricula covers introductions to the R&D industry and innovation; mechanical drafting/CAD for working drawings capture; and applied physics of main energy systems - mechanical, electrical, thermal, fluid - through design, build, and test projects.

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