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Book: Blueprint for a STEM Program

Blueprint for Building a STEM Classroom

Make STEM a part of your classroom today! The purpose of this resource is to provide practical and strategic processes for STEMifying students’ learning experiences. The STEM Foundations Road Map included in this resource serves as a basis for establishing a common language, vision, and pathway toward strategic implementation of a STEM program and STEMified learning.The key element of STEM learning is the integration of the four core subjects into larger, cross-disciplinary projects that train students to solve problems and gain practical insights. This book will show you how to organize and deliver learning experiences that will enable students to understand the connections within and between content areas, and see the real-world relevance of what they learn.

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Elementary STEM Camp - Powerful Playground

Elementary STEM Camp - Powerful Playground

One of the best parts of an elementary student’s day is the time spent on the playground at recess. This STEM camp offers students the opportunity to design the perfect playground while studying how a flow of electricity can produce heat, light, and sound! The four components of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) have been integrated into the camp to “provide a cross-disciplinary experience designed for students to solve problems and gain real-world insights” as outlined by the STEM Blueprint. This camp includes all of the materials needed to facilitate the camp on your own, and can also be facilitated by an Education Specialist by request.

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PBL for Diverse Learners: Planning PBL

PBL for Diverse Learners: Planning PBL

Are you trying PBL for the first time? Do you need help creating plans for PBL units? Project Based Learning is more than just an engaging lesson. It raises the rigor of learning, is aligned with multiple standards, and is often cross-disciplinary. Sign up for this online course series to learn how to implement and manage PBL for the diverse learners within your classroom.

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PBL for Diverse Learners: Managing PBL

PBL for Diverse Learners: Managing PBL

This self-paced course focuses on managing and implementing PBL projects to benefit the diverse learners in the classroom. Participants will be provided with tools, suggestions, and resources to support student inquiry and choice both in the group setting and independent activities.

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Return to Learn

Return to Learn

This online course was developed as a tool for teachers to use in order to better serve students who have had a concussion and are returning to their classroom to learn. You will learn how the individual symptoms a student may be dealing with and how to respond appropriately to that symptom. More importantly we will provide you with a variety of resources which will include printable resources for use in the classroom, and links to websites, articles, and videos with more information. “Return to Learn” is a tiered process that is recommended for students that have sustained a concussion and continue to participate actively in the school day.

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