Transformation Central T-STEM Center believes that innovation is the fuel that drives economic growth and is essential to drive our nation forward; the role of STEM education cannot be overstated, from developing collaboration skills, promoting analytical and critical thinking, and fostering creativity to providing pathways to career opportunities and economic prosperity. Aligned with this belief, Transformation Central T-STEM Center leads STEM Education initiatives in order to:

  • Align high school, postsecondary education, and economic development activities across the areas of STEM and the broader high school curriculum;
  • Lead the transformation of teaching methods, teacher preparation, and instruction in science, technology, engineering, and math in the areas of high need across the state;
  • Demonstrate how the implementation of T-STEM teaching and learning increases the number of Texas high school students from diverse backgrounds graduating prepared to succeed in postsecondary study and careers in STEM-related fields;
  • Train administrators, principals, and teachers in effective leadership strategies for supporting T-STEM instruction in secondary schools;
  • Disseminate promising practices and research-based strategies for integrated STEM teaching and learning to all high schools; and
  • Ultimately prepare Texas students for rewarding careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

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Meet The Team

German Ramos

German Ramos, M.M.E. ESC Region 13

German Ramos is the Co-Director for Transformation Central T-STEM Center at ESC Region 13. With a Bachelors and Masters in Mechanical Engineering, his focus and experiences includes PBL and STEM education, 5 years of science classroom experience, and 1 year as a T-STEM Specialist at ESC Region 1.


Grant Kessler, Ph.D. ESC Region 13

Grant is Program Manager for Academic Services at ESC Region 13. His professional experiences include STEM education, instructional coaching, educational technology, curriculum development/implementation and professional development—most recently with a focus on PBL and STEM education.

Ben Zink

Ben Zink ESC Region 13

Ben provides technical support for ESC Region 13. With a International Business background from McCombs School of Business, his professional background includes five years of grant and program support for the Learning Systems team. Outside of work, he cooks and plays records as Harrison Fjord.


Megan Wilky ESC Region 13

With a Masters in Art Education, Megan began her career as an Art Museum Educator and Teaching Artist. She has been in education for seven years and now provides technical support for Region 13 employees through online course development and data reporting.