We believe that innovation is the fuel that drives economic growth and is essential to drive our nation forward. The role of STEM education cannot be overstated, from developing collaboration skills, promoting analytical and critical thinking, and fostering creativity to providing pathways to career opportunities and economic prosperity.

The Texas STEM Center is established to:

  • Lead innovation to provide STEM-related products and services that positively impact College & Career Readiness and student performance outcomes for all students.
  • Train administrators, principals, and teachers effectively implement and support STEM instruction within and across schools.
  • Promote and inform the statewide transformation of teaching methods and teacher preparation for science, technology, engineering, and math.
  • Increase math and science achievement outcomes within and across all demographic groups, while preparing students for post-secondary study and careers in STEM-related fields.

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Meet The Team


Dr. Grant Kessler Director


Ben Zink STEM Specialist: Instructional Technology

Amber Reinecke

Amber Reinecke STEM Specialist: Gifted & Talented

Kay Oliver

Kay Oliver STEM Specialist: Curriculum & Instruction